Black Sallet

Wyrmwick Creations

Polyurethane (PU) helmet.


Pictured in Dark Steel finish.

Large Medieval German style "Black" Sallet* with a hammered finish.

Will fit head size up to approx 26" (66cm)

Comes complete with leather chin strap (non-leather option available).

Available in a range of finishes or can be supplied plain for you to paint yourself. Information on finishes here.

Made in the UK by Wyrmwick Creations Ltd.


© Wyrmwick Creations Ltd 2017

*The Black Sallet helmet, historically known as the "Sallet," is a distinctive and iconic piece of medieval armour that gained popularity during the 15th and early 16th centuries. It was widely used by infantrymen and cavalry soldiers alike, particularly in Europe, during a period marked by significant advances in plate armour design.

The Black Sallet helmet is characterized by its sleek and curved design, providing excellent protection for the head and neck without impeding the wearer's vision and movement. It features a rounded skull cap that extends downward to cover the back of the head, offering enhanced defence against strikes from above. The front of the helmet gently curves to protect the face, with a visor that can be raised or lowered to shield the eyes and provide ventilation.

The helmet's unique design also includes a distinct extended tail or "tailpiece" that offers additional protection to the back of the neck. This elongated rear portion of the helmet gives it a distinct appearance, further setting it apart from other contemporary helmet types.

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