About Us

The Wyrmwick team, as individuals, have been involved in the design and creation of Polyurethane resin Larp Armor, Cosplay Armor and Props both for Larp, and for the TV and Film industries for over 15 years now.

We founded Wyrmwick Creations in 2013 and have spent the time since creating and originating new pieces, progressing techniques, testing materials and evolving and perfecting our processes. We pride ourselves in our quality, innovation and customer service.

All our larp and cosplay armor is professionally made by our experienced team at our own workshops in the UK. Most of the items are originated by ourselves but a select few are moulded from metal original pieces made by master craftsmen.  

Our larp and cosplay armour is all made from hybrid polyurethane resin which has become the preferred choice in film, tv and larp over the last few years due to it's toughness, lightness, comfort and durability.

It has been designed to be comfortable and light to wear and is designed to allow ease of movement whilst wearing it.

We are designing new items all the time and are always interested to hear of any particular design elements you may desire. 

Our work spans many genres and we have worked on Sci-fi, medieval, fantasy and historical arrmour and props. One of our team specialises in Dark Age and Celtic armour, jewellery and design and has made many replicas for museum exhibitions.

We can create moulds and masters ourselves as we have designers, sculptors, armourers and mould makers on the team. We can also do coating, painting and finishing of customers own products and can also spray into moulds supplied by the client.

We have a fully purpose-fitted workshop and office and are happy to take on orders for Film and TV.  We can offer an excellent quality service at a very competitive price.

We are happy to receive visitors at our workshops but we do require advance booking.

Please feel free to contact us with any special requests.